Caching: Caching Level

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The Cache Level is one of the most important parts of a CDN configuration setting, consisting of 3 levels:

  • Standard: By selecting this level, the general settings for services to websites such as WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, and etc will be taken with different query strings, all of which will hold different values in the cache.
  • Ignore Query String: The caching function at this level is the same as the standard level, except that at this level query string is ignored and the original content is cached by Derak Cloud based on the URL.
  • Custom Caching: Through these settings, you can customize Caching and there are no previous level settings. Note that if you select this level, be sure to complete its settings, otherwise you will face serious problems.

If you select a custom caching level, you can apply various settings to consider HTTP/HTTPS, cookies, query strings, and HTTP headers. Also, with this level, you can specify the format of the files that you want to be permanently cached and the rules of browsers (User Agents) and Headers that are sent to the main server.

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